Should you buy a GoPro accessories bundle?

Tis the holiday season! And for those not quite sure which accessory to gift, “all of them” is often the answer in the form of simply buying a GoPro accessories bundle on Amazon. What is a bundle? A bundle is a grab bag of mounts, clips, 3m stickies, usually a chesty, head strap, grip, and much more.




But are they a good deal? Or is it just filled full of accessory crap that most GoPro users won’t need, or even worse, cheap accessories that will just fall apart after some moderate use?

To be 100% transparent, we don’t know. However, we encourage you to do your homework: Read the reviews and check to make sure that the company putting these bundles together is actually responding to customer inquiries and questions. We found three bundles that hold up to this test and have great ratings:

  1. The BlackPro “Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit”. Includes 13 items. Currently, just $35. 
  2. Baxia Technologies “Big Bundle”. Includes over 40 items. Currently, just $46.99.
  3. Soft Digits “50-in-1 Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit Accessories”. Currently, just $39.99