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Mouth Mount Ho Stevie (LIFETIME WARRANTY) - GoPro Accessories

Mouth Mount Ho Stevie (LIFETIME WARRANTY)

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  • Capture stable POV footage, without using your hands. Mouth Mount works with all versions of GoPro cameras (Hero 4/3+/3/2/black/silver)
  • Lightweight (1.4oz), won’t strain your jaw.
  • Breathable air channels allow for easy breathing!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! Our mount is made of extremely durable polycarbonate material, not cheap plastic like other mounts. Bolt is aluminum, unlike the other plastic bolts (some other mounts don’t even include a bolt). We will replace any broken product, free of charge.
  • Adjustable leash is included. Our leash clips on to your wetsuit zipper, instead of going around your neck and choking you! Backdoor floaty also included, so your Go Pro will float if you drop it.

Product Description

Capture the best POV footage, just like the pros! Kelly Slater, Jamie O Brien, Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence all use GoPro mouth mounts!

Ho Stevie’s founder designed these mounts so he could show his family back in Wisconsin what surfing is like.
The regular surfboard mounts just don’t capture good footage. They only show you standing awkwardly on the surf board.
With a mouth mount, you capture EXACTLY what you see while surfing.
Everyone that watches your videos will feel like they are out surfing with you!

– Soft silicone mouthpiece allows you to hold your GoPro in your mouth for hours without an aching jaw. Very safe for your teeth!

– Polycarbonate mount will NEVER break, no matter what abuse you put it through. It’s backed by our lifetime warranty! Air channels allow for unrestricted breathing (which you need when paddling in big surf!)

– Aluminum and Steel bolt will replace your cheap plastic bolt that comes with your GoPro

– Attach the backdoor floaty (included) so your Go Pro will float, even if you drop it while surfing or wakeboarding.

– Leash adjusts from 14 to 22 inches, choose your perfect length. Our leash clips to your wetsuit zipper, it does NOT go around your neck! Other leashes can choke you, but we put safety first.

This GoPro mouth mount was specifically designed for surfing, but we have many customers using it for all kinds of activities: boogieboarding, bodysurfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, swimming, wakeboarding, freerunning/parkour, cliff jumping, BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding… pretty much anything where you need to use your hands for more important things!

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