GoPro Chest Mount Harness for HERO Cameras

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Lets you wear all GoPro cameras (except Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera) on your chest
Comfortable, fully-adjustable design fits all shapes and sizes, including over large jackets
Perfect mount for skiing, kayaking, biking, motocross, equestrian and other action sports

Product Description


No need to mess with extension arms or handle grips when you’ve got the GoPro Chest Mount Harness for GoPro HERO cameras. This over the shoulders harness keeps your camera mounted to your chest for a great POV view. This kind of mount is perfect for horseback riders, cyclists and other performers who are sitting down during their sport. The harness is adjustable and will accommodate larger sizes.

This harness is compatible for all GoPro HERO cameras except Digital HERO 5 Wrist Camera.

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