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BEST SELLING GoPro Grip (Lifetime Warranty) - GoPro Accessories

BEST SELLING GoPro Grip (Lifetime Warranty)

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  • Capture epic shots underwater, in the clouds, and on dry land!
  • Popular grip for surfing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, windsurfing, boogieboarding, diving, swimming, and even above-water activities.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! Lightweight and extremely durable Carbon Fiber material will keep your GoPro floating for years and years. We will replace any broken product, free of charge.
  • Includes adjustable wrist strap so the grip will not float away if you let go. Also includes bolt, to keep your accessories organized.
  • Use it as a selfie stick, or angle it away from you for stunning POV videos and images.

Product Description

If you love being in the water – whether it’s the ocean, lake, river, pond, or swimming pool – you need to make sure your GoPro doesn’t sink to the bottom if you accidently drop your pole or grip.

Don’t take your expensive Go Pro out in the water if you don’t have a floating pole!

This carbon fiber grip is the perfect solution for all your GoPro water activities… but guess what? Its durable design makes it amazing for “land” activities too! It’s the only GoPro grip you will need.

The grip also has a removable mount so you can attach your GoPro to any other camera tripod or mount (using the standard 1/4″-20 threading).

And this also means you can attach any camera with 1/4″-20 threading (most cameras have this) to this carbon fiber grip. Great for dry filming, just don’t take your non-GoPro camera in the water 😉

It’s truly an all-in-one pole grip for your GoPro and other cameras!

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