GoPro 3D Printing

3D Printing GoPro accessories has become immensely popular and has become one of the top product communities in 3D printing forums. The links below are for the downloadable 3D objects, as that is a more DIY feel. The plans are 100% free and the file downloaded is 3D Hubs ready.

3D Hubs: The most common obstacle to 3D printing is access. While printers have improved dramatically in the last couple years, most DIYers don’t own one, or know anyone that does. 3D Hubs eliminates that problem. They are a huge community of 3D printers. Simply upload your plans, choose a printer, submit and pick up. Fast, easy, and affordable. Go to 3D Hubs now.

Have your own 3D printer GoPro plans? Please submit them.

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