Introducing GoPro Monitor Grips

While there are plenty of poles and handles, there has been little action in terms of an accessory  physically linking your smartphone to your GoPro. Two products have recently emerged bridging that gap.

Kamerar Kam.Pro Pistol Hand Grip is essentially a handle grip with an iPhone / Android dock. The kit also comes with a cold shoe mount, which means you can thread your GoPro onto your DSLR. The big pros with this accessory is the ability to adjust your GoPro positioning with the joints, and also the fact that you can simply turn it into a regular grip without the phone monitor once you’ve found your ideal shot.

Next up is the Kickstarter project the GoPhone. This accessory is small and sleek compared to the Kam.Pro grip. The beauty of this crowd funding project is its simplicity: This iPhone case is your handle. Nothing else is needed. Turn on the (near) live feed in the GoPro app and you’re ready to roll. Their funding goal is $15,000 AUD, of which they have raised $2,574 with 44 days left in their campaign.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the next generation of mounts and poles offered a smartphone dock. While in some accessories it doesn’t make sense (example, suction cup mounts) for others it would be a nice integration, similar to the Remote Pole.