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GoPro Camera and Accessory Glossary - GoPro Accessories

GoPro Camera and Accessory Glossary

Glossary of terms, jargon, acronyms, companies, people and words used in the GoPro realm.

Note: Items are added often, this list is never complete.

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.lrv file: This stands for Low Resolution Video and is generated for use in the GoPro app. Read more here.

.thm file: This is a file generated for thumbnails used in the GoPro app. Read more here.

3M: This is the type of tape used on mounts that stick onto objects. Such as a helmet, or surfboard.


Abe Kislevtz: Does media production for GoPro. His blog offers excellent tutorials in using the cameras and editing. Can also be found on the /r/GoPro forum.

AE: Adobe After Effects. Used for visual effects.

Anti-Jello: A device that reduces the amount of vibration caused by quadcopters. Example.


Backdoor: Refers to the inter-changeable backend piece of your housing. Such as the Floaty.

BacPac: An attachment that fits onto the back of a GoPro camera. Either a Battery BacPac, or a LCD BacPac.

Battery BacPac: Attaches to the back of your GoPro camera and increases your battery.

Body Mounts: GoPro mounts that are attached to a person, such as a helmet mount.

Burst Mode: A setting that captures many photos in a matter of seconds.


Crowdfunding: A way to raise money to build products. Many GoPro accessory companies were spun out of successful crowdfunded campaign, such as Rhino Camera Gear, Go-Mount, and PolarPro. A popular platform for crowdfunding is Kickstarter.


Drone: See UAV.


FCP: Final Cut Pro. A video editing software.

File Chaptering: This is when your GoPro camera automatically splits a video file. It is completely normal. Read more about file chaptering here.

FPV: First Person View. A headset that gives the drone’s view while flying.

FOV: Field of View. Refers to how much you can see in a shot. Shown numerically (example, 170 degrees) or by a name (Wide, Ultra-Wide).

Floaty: Refers to the Backdoor floaty, or any floatation device to keep your GoPro camera from sinking. (Such as a floating wrist strap.)

Frame: A GoPro frame is a lightweight, often plastic case that allows a GoPro to be mounted without the waterproof housing.

Frame Grab: Taking a still image from a video.

FPS: Frames per second. Refers to how many shots are taken in a single second.


Gimbal: An electronic stabilizing device. Used in UAVs and with handles.

GoPole: A GoPro accessory manufacturer that primarily makes poles and grips.

Grip: See handle.


H4B: HERO4 Black edition

H4S: HERO4 Silver Edition

HERO: The $129.99 entry level GoPro camera.

H3B+: HERO3+ Black edition.

H3S+: HERO3+ Silver edition.

H3B: HERO3 Black edition.

H3S: HERO3 Silver edition.

H3W: HERO3 White edition.

Handle: A GoPro accessory that acts as a grip to hold the camera.

Housing: What encases the GoPro camera. Most popular housing is waterproof.

HSP Mount: Handlebar Seatpost Pole mount.


iMovie: Apple video editing software.


Jaws Clamp: A quick clamp built by GoPro.

Jello: Refers to the swaying seen in many quadcopter videos. Anti-Jello accessories exist to dampen this.


KAP: Kite Aerial Photography. Using kites to get aerial shots.

K-Edge: A GoPro accessory manufacturer that specializes in metal mounts.

Kickstarter: A crowdfunding company that has been used by many people to build  GoPro accessories. 


LCD BacPac: A touchscreen LCD that fits onto the back of a GoPro camera. Allows you to adjust settings, preview your shots, play video and more.

Loop Recording: A feature that will automatically save/delete a set number of minutes recorded. Example: You’ve set up your GoPro camera to record lightning strikes during a storm. You don’t want to miss potential strikes by swapping out a memory card. You set up loop recording so that if a strike occurs, you can stop the camera and the last ## of minutes are saved.


MakerBot: A company that makes a 3D printer that is popular with DIY GoPro accessories.

MicroSD: The type of memory card that the HERO3 and HERO3+ require. Looking for SD card recommendations based on model? Click here.

Multi-copter: See UAV.


Naked: Refers to a GoPro camera outside of any housing.

Nick Woodman: Founder and CEO of GoPro.

NVG: Night Vision Goggles.


Object mounts: GoPro mounts that are attached primarily to objects, such as a handlebar.


Panolapse: Software that stitches together your photos to make amazing timelapse edits. Can add panning effects, remove the fisheye, and will blend images to make a smoother motion. Learn more about Panolapse.

Phantom: This is referring to the DJI Phantom. A popular quadcopter used for aerial footage.

Poles: A popular GoPro monopod accessory. Often telescoping.

POV: Point of View. Describes a type of shot, from an objects or persons view.

Power / Mode Button: The big button on the front of the camera.

Premier: Adobe Premier. A video editing software.

Protune: A setting that allows you to get much higher quality footage in your post production. It is available in the HERO3+ Black, HERO3 Black and Silver, and HD HERO2 cameras.


Quadcopter: A type of UAV. Specifically has four rotors. Such as the DJI Phantom.

Quick Mounts: GoPro mounts that once attached to a camera, can be easily deployed. Such as the Jaws Clamp.

QR Buckle: Quick release buckle.


RTF: Ready to Fly. Refers to UAV’s that can be flown out of the box, without any practice.


Shutter / Select / S Button: The big button on the top of the camera.

Skeleton: A type of housing that has open sides which gives you access to the cameras ports. Used for live video feed, improved audio, live charging. This is not waterproof housing.

Smatree: A popular third party GoPro battery manufacturer.

Steadicam: A type of stabilizer that balances the camera.

SuperView: A feature in GoPro HERO3+ Black cameras that dynamically stretches the video to fit into the 16 x 9 frame.


Timelapse: Refers to both a camera mode and hardware. The camera mode captures a series of photos in a set amount of time, allowing you to capture long sequences without running through your memory. Timelapse hardware is a slow rotating mount, which captures long panning shots.


UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Another name for quadcopters or drones, such as the DJI Phantom.

UPd: Upside Down Mode. See below.

Upside Down Mode: Use this mode if you mount your camera upside down. This will flip the video. Learn more about Upside Down Mode.



Wasabi: A popular third party GoPro battery manufacturer.